Hi, I’m BabyBloggee. The name may be misleading but this isn’t a blog about babies, I am the baby. this blog is to chronicle the ups and downs of the crazy life i’m living, a place I never expected to find myself.  I suffer from depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. some days are fine but some days just opening my eyes in the morning is a struggle


I’m Bea, mother to a 4 year old gender variant son. No one expects to have a child like david, he’s my pride and joy but I do teeter daily between whether I’m doing the right thing letting him be who he is. I guess at the end of the day, I always accept that I just want him to be happy. whatever that means for him.


I’m also on the journey to becoming a mother for the second time, I have to do 3 things to make that happen:

1 stop smoking

2 get my weight down to a healthy level

3 have my mental health stabilised for 6 months without medication

I suffer from recurrant miscarriages so it’s important that I am in the best possible place before falling pregnant. wish me luck.


As you may be able to tell, I’m no writer, I’m just a woman, who needs a space to share




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